Sister Marathon Initiative

World Peace & World Class Running

The Sister Marathon Peace Initiative materialized through the support of the Bhutan Olympic Committee, international race directors, volunteers and running enthusiasts who are determined to bring peace and goodwill to the world through the sport of running.

The Sister Marathon community aims to build lasting friendships across cultures that serve to bring the world closer together.

Through our international alliance of marathon partners, we provide members-only opportunities to explore the world through running events, destination retreats, and homestay exchanges across the globe.

Our community consists of volunteers, fans and athletes of all levels who want to experience their passion for running with the excitement of exploring other countries and cultures.

In partnership with the Bhutan Olympic Committee, the Sister Marathon Peace initiative has created a once-in-lifetime running adventure to the magical Kingdom of Bhutan—next March 1-7th, 2017.

Running Retreat with Scott Jurek in Bhutan

Scott-Jurek-Sister-Marathon-InitiativeFeaturing legendary runner Scott Jurek and 5 American race directors, each day’s rich slate of activities consist of inspirational running seminars on technique, strengthening and nutrition, scenic group runs, cooking classes, spa and meditation retreats and cultural encounters with local people. As either a spectator, volunteer or runner, this once-in-a-lifetime adventure culminates with your participation in the Bhutan International Marathon. To travel with the Sister Marathon Peace Initiative is to experience the mystical Kingdom of Bhutan as never before: where nature and cultural are center-stage and we are small, awed spectators, moved by wonder.

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Sister Marathon Initiative