UnitedHealth Group Makes Social Responsibility A Top Priority

Grandma’s Marathon was proud to have UnitedHealth Group as a major sponsor of the 2013 Grandma's Marathon weekend of events. Both entities strive to provide opportunities for people to lead a healthy life. According to Tim Mattson, Director for UnitedHealth Group in Duluth, this is why partnering with Grandma's Marathon is a natural fit. “When you add the similarities in our missions and the positive effects both of our organizations have on encouraging good health, it is natural for us to align our community giving efforts with Grandma's Marathon.”


Social responsibility is one of the main components of UnitedHealth Group’s mission statement. According to their Annual Report, “At UnitedHealth Group there is an important synergy between our business interests and our commitment to social responsibility.”


This synergy can be seen in everything UnitedHealth Group does. The company encourages their employees to contribute their time and resources to support organizations and activities in their own neighborhoods. Through individual and collective efforts, their community outreach takes many forms, from contributing millions of dollars to foundations to donating thousands of hours of volunteer time annually. The commitment to serving others is ingrained in the culture of its enterprise. Seventy-seven percent of UnitedHealth Group employees and 95 percent of executives volunteered in 2011.


During Grandma's Marathon weekend UnitedHealth Group employees were out in full force volunteering at the mile marker 17 aid station on the racecourse and helping wherever else they are needed.


“Our staff was very excited to volunteer and participate in the weekend’s events and to have our company associated with an event that is held in such high esteem in our community,” said Mattson.


Another way UnitedHealth Group strives to be socially responsible is through their commitment to improve the health and well-being of their customers. They do this by providing access to high-quality, effective and affordable health services, improving the quality of health care through constant analysis and sharing of clinical knowledge, and using technology to make the health care system easier to navigate and give people easier access to services and information.


“For UnitedHealth Group, our responsibility is clear: Good health care is good for everyone, including us. We believe we play a vital role in helping meet one of society’s most fundamental needs. We are committed to finding creative and sustainable ways to make health care work better,” said Stephen J. Hemsley, president and CEO of UnitedHealth Group, in the company’s Corporate Responsibility Report.


Today, UnitedHealth Group is recognized as the largest single health carrier in the United States, delivering innovative products and services to nearly 70 million Americans. Its nationwide network includes 720,301 physicians, 80,000 dentists and 5,622 hospitals.


For more information on UnitedHealthcare, visit their web site at www.uhc.com.