BP: Energizing Runners and the World

Grandma’s Marathon is proud of its partnership with BP, one of the world's largest energy companies and a major sponsor of Grandma's Marathon. Since 1987, BP’s contributions help ensure that the 26.2-mile race continues to thrive and showcase the Duluth/Superior market area.

“Grandma's Marathon would not be the race that it is today without the support of BP and its employees. We truly appreciate their loyalty and dedication,” says Scott Keenan, executive director of Grandma's Marathon.

In addition to providing funding, BP has helped supply runners with the energy and fuel that is essential during the latter part of a marathon. Every year more than 125 BP employees volunteer their time at the 19-mile BP aid station on race day handing out water and energy drinks to thirsty runners.

“Our team loves being involved with Grandma's Marathon and the 19-mile water station,” says BP spokesperson Kim Perna. “It’s just a wonderful celebration every year and we have a lot of fun helping to fuel the runners as they stride toward the finish line.”

BP has transformed from a local oil company into a global energy group, employing over 80,000 people and operating in over 80 countries worldwide. The BP brand has grown to become recognized worldwide for quality gasoline, transport fuels, chemicals and alternative sources of energy such as wind, solar and biofuels.

Every day, BP serves millions of customers around the world. To put it in perspective, BP’s brands – among them BP, Castrol, ARCO, Aral, and am/pm – reach nearly as many consumers as Wal-Mart, the world’s largest retailer. In the U.S. alone, more than 15 billion gallons of gasoline are marketed through 12,000 BP- and ARCO-branded retail outlets annually.

Locally, BP’s support for the community is prominent during Grandma's Marathon weekend, but their efforts extend far and wide through many other programs and initiatives. By supporting these positive programs, the company has infused enthusiasm in its own people, and in communities throughout the world.

To find out more about BP, its brands and products, visit www.bp.com.