Sutter Home Winery

Sutter Home Winery:  An American Success Story

In 1947, Mario Trinchero, an Italian immigrant living in New York City with his young family, was convinced by his brother John to move across the country to the rural and remote Napa Valley. The countryside reminded John Trinchero of the home in the Piedmont region of Italy where the Trincheros had been raised. John found a winery abandoned since Prohibition called Sutter Home, and believed that he and his brother could reopen the winery and live a quiet and prosperous country life. The brothers purchased the winery, and Mario moved his wife Mary and three young children Bob, Vera, and Roger to the Napa Valley.

The family worked hard to make a go of it but prosperity was far down the road. For many years, the family operated Sutter Home as a mom-and-pop winery, selling wine to neighbors and visitors who happened to drop by. Eventually, John Trinchero retired and winemaking duties were passed along to Mario’s oldest son, Bob.

Bob Trinchero was a serious red winemaker in the late sixties, competing with other winemakers to create the biggest, boldest, best red zinfandel. Bob sourced his zinfandel grapes from the Amador County region of California, which was famed for old vine zinfandel planted by Italian gold miners in the previous century.

To make his red zinfandel, Bob used a winemaking technique which involved drawing off some of the freshly pressed juice to concentrate the grape skins on the remaining juice. This would result in a richer, more deeply colored red wine. Bob fermented and bottled the extra juice and sold it out of the tasting room. Several vintages later, in 1973, a “stuck” fermentation caused the wine to be pink and slightly sweet. White Zinfandel had been discovered and the success that Mario Trinchero had envisioned for his family was now at hand.

Sutter Home:  America’s #1 Table Wine Available During Grandma’s Marathon Weekend

In the years since then, Sutter Home Winery has grown to be America’s #1 Table Wine brand. Offering an extensive portfolio of the most popular varietals, there’s a Sutter Home wine for every taste, as well as an alcohol-removed wine, Sutter Home Fre. The Trinchero family has added other wines to their portfolio including Trinchero Napa Reserve, Trinchero Family, Montevina, Trinity Oaks, and wines from Australia under the Reynolds Vineyards, Little Boomey, Angove’s Vineyard Select and Red Belly Black labels.  Each and every Trinchero wine is made with quality in mind and to offer what Mario Trinchero called “a great wine at a fair price."

Again this year, Sutter Home will be offering their great wine at a fair price in the Big Top tent on race weekend. Runners and race enthusiasts will be able to enjoy a glass of Sutter Home or Newman’s Own wine.

Sutter Home Winery is also known for its popular Build a Better Burger® Recipe Contest and Cook-Off. The challenge was created in 1990 to promote the idea that wine could—and should—be enjoyed with the everyday foods America loves.  This year, the winning burger will receive a whopping $100,000 Grand Prize, making it one of the richest cooking contests in America.

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