BNSF Railway Proudly Joins Grandma’s Marathon Sponsorship Team

BNSF Railway is proud to sponsor Grandma’s Marathon and to be a partner in the community’s past, present and future.

BNSF Railway’s roots run deep in Minnesota, back to 1862 and the maiden run of the balloon-stacked locomotive, the “William Crooks,” which ran on the first 10 miles of railroad in the state. That old steam locomotive is on display at Duluth’s Lake Superior Railroad Museum and those 10 miles have grown to be part of BNSF’s vast railroad network.

Minnesota is part of BNSF’s Great Northern Corridor. It helps link Minnesota’s economy to that of the nation and the world, moving low-sulfur coal to Minnesota power plants, and Minnesota agricultural products and manufactured goods to national and international markets. Grain from farms in Western Minnesota moves by rail to the Twin Ports for export. Timber and paper products, and taconite mined from the Iron Range, all are transported by BNSF.

Many items found in local retail stores, restaurants and auto dealers were shipped on a BNSF train. Each year BNSF moves about 10 percent of the vehicles sold in the U.S, enough canned beverages to supply every resident of New York City, Chicago and Los Angeles with a beverage a day, and enough sugar to bake three million batches of cookies.

In Minnesota, over the past three years, BNSF has invested nearly $250 million for capacity expansion and maintenance of the railroad. Across its network, the railroad will invest over $4 billion in 2013 to maintain and expand its core network and related assets, to acquire new locomotives and other equipment, and to support projects that enhance productivity and velocity.

Nearly 2,300 dedicated men and women keep the railroad running in the state, earning a combined payroll of more than $150 million. In Duluth-Superior, BNSF employs about 300 people. With a retiring workforce and returning traffic volumes following the economic downturn, the railroad continues to hire in the Upper Midwest. In the last two years, BNSF Railway hired more than 400 new employees to fill existing and newly created positions in Minnesota. Current available jobs, details on requirements and more employment information can be found in the career section of the company web site at