BP Helps Duluth Runners Go a Few More Miles

The 2012 Grandma’s Marathon marks the 26th consecutive year more than 125 BP employees will volunteer their time to help runners go a few more miles. Each June the Duluth/Superior event draws more than 17,000 participants for the race that begins on scenic Old Highway 61 and finishes in Duluth’s Canal Park.

“BP has become a staple at Grandma’s Marathon and we appreciate the support they provide every year,” says Scott Keenan, executive director of Grandma's Marathon.

BP’s volunteers and annual funding are a large reason the iconic event continues to thrive. Since 1987, BP has helped Grandma’s Marathon runners go a little farther with contributions like the 19-mile BP aid station where volunteers will hand out water and energy drinks.

“Volunteering at Grandma’s Marathon has become a tradition that BP employees look forward to every year,” says BP spokesperson Kim Perna, Jobber Sales Manager. “Seeing runners pass through the BP aid station giving it their all is truly inspiring and we’re honored to help push them towards the finish line.”

Sponsoring the annual race is just one way that BP demonstrates its commitment to helping Duluth-area residents go a few more miles. All BP retail locations offer BP gasoline with Invigorate, which can help vehicles go a little farther on the road. When used continuously, BP gasoline with Invigorate cleans and protects critical engine parts to help vehicles get a few more miles per tank.

BP is also helping drivers’ dollars go a little farther with its new Pump Rewards payment technology. The program, which launched in March 2012, allows BP Visa and BP Card members the ability to earn unlimited cents-per-gallon rebates on purchases and redeem them instantly at the pump of participating BP stations.

The same passion that drives BP’s commitment to fueling Grandma’s Marathon extends around the globe. More than 80,000 BP employees are working in more than 80 countries to bring quality gasoline, transport fuels, chemicals and alternatives sources of energy such as wind, solar and biofuels to local communities like this one.

In fact, every day, BP serves millions of customers around the world. To put it in perspective, BP’s brands – among them BP, Castrol, ARCO, Aral, and ampm – reach nearly as many consumers as Wal-Mart, the world’s largest retailer. In the U.S. alone, more than 15 billion gallons of gasoline are marketed through 12,000 BP- and ARCO-branded retail outlets annually.

To find out more about BP, its brands and products, visit www.bp.com.