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1996 Inductees

1.  Mickey Paulucci, Founding sponsor

2.  Andy Borg, Founding sponsor

3.  Garry Bjorklund, Elite athlete

4.  Dorothy Spencer, Founder

5.  Alex Ratelle MD, Elite athlete

6.  George Fink, Founder

7.  John Foschi, Board Member & Founder

1997 Inductees

1.  Gerald Church, MD, Starting line director

1998 Inductees

1.  Dick Beardsley, Elite runner

2.  Peter Graves, Announcer

3.  Barney & Janis Klecker, Elite runners

4.  Wen Shi Yu, Elite runner

1999 Inductees

1. Doug Kurtis, Elite runner

2. Lorraine Moller, Elite runner

3. Tami Oothoudt, Elite wheelchair athlete

4. Dave Eckstrom, Elite wheelchair athlete

2000 Inductees

1. Herb Dillon, Medical volunteer

2. Mac Welles, Finish area coordinator

3. Cindy Nelsen, Race packet coordinator

4. Joan Dahlstrom, Volunteer

2001 Inductees

1. Brian Daugherty, Founder

2. Brian Larsen, Founding volunteer

3. Jan Ettle, Elite athlete

4. Paul Van Winkel, Elite wheelchair athlete

2002 Inductees (all are 25 year participants)

1. Rick Jackson

2. Joe C. Johnson

3. John Naslund

4. James Nowak

2003 Inductees

1. Candace Cable, Elite wheelchair athlete

2. John Kulick, Sports massage therapist for the marathon

3. Ken & Mona Rae Cich, Racecourse equipment crew coordinators

2004 Inductees

1.  Don Fennessy, Board Member & Volunteer

2. Michael Pinocci, Racecourse announcer

3. Geno & Kathy Goedel, Marathon starting line directors

2005 Inductees

1. Candy Furo, Board Member & Race Packet Pick-up Coordinator

2. Taire Suliin, Captain of the 23-mile water station

2006 Inductees

1. North Shore Striders

2007 Inductees

1. Greg Haynes, Sweatbag Truck Coordinator

2. Dale Kusnierek, Board Member and Volunteer

3. Neil Franz, Long-time participant and Ambassador

2008 Inductees

1.   Mary Spiering, Coordinator Finisher T-shirt Area

2.   Sharon Buchanan, Coordinator Finisher T-shirt Area

3.   Jerry Frederick, Race Course Communications Captain

4.   Jeno Paulucci, Founding Sponsor

2009 Inductees

1. Bill Wenmark, Long-time participant and Ambassador

2. John Docter, Media Vehicle Driver

3. Steve Greenfield, Media Vehicle Driver and First PR Director

4. Kellie Luedloff, Captain of the 7-Mile Water Station

2010 Inductees

1.     Kevin Pates, Duluth News Tribune Reporter and Racecourse commentator

2.     John Leppi, One of the marathon’s “founding fathers”; former water station captain

3.     477th Medical Company, Racecourse First Aid providers

4.     Bill & Nancy Olsen, Captains of the 5-mile Water Station

5.     Chuck & Sally Hegg, Captains of the 5-mile Water Station

2011 Inductees

1.     Chelly Townsend, long-time finish line volunteer; headed recycling efforts

2.     G.B. Leighton, headline band for Grandma's Marathon for 15-years

3.     Steve Harrington, former board member and medical director for Grandma's Marathon

4.     Ron Francisco, long-time auxiliary police officer during Grandma's Marathon weekend

5.     Ed Hermel, long-time ambassador and participant of Grandma's Marathon

2012 Inductees

1. City of Duluth

2. City of Two Harbors

2013 Inductees

1. Mike Krois, transporation

2. Rudy Lundahl, transportation

3. Carol Gallinger, hospitality

4. Saul Mendoza, elite wheeler

2014 Inductee

1. Scott Keenan