MEADP | Grant Application/Guidelines

MEADP Grant Guidelines and Application

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MEADP provides grants, in amounts of up to $2,000, to two or more qualified athletes per year.


Grants are given to selected Minnesota athletes engaged in open division long distance running competition. In addition to the above requirement the MEADP committee will focus on the following criteria during the selection process:


  • The athlete's current state of athletic accomplishment;
  • The athlete's potential for further athletic accomplishment; and
  • The extent to which a grant will assist the athlete in reaching his or her full athletic potential.


The selection process is, by its very nature, a subjective one and is based to a large degree on an assessment of the athlete's potential development as a competitve long distance runner. MEADP, in other words, is a development program, not an awards program. An athlete with slower current race performances may be selected if, in the judgement of the MEADP committee, that athlete has a greater potential for improvement and if a grant to that athlete will assist him or her more in reaching that potential.

Submit completed applications to Neil Franz, P.O. Box 307, St. Cloud, MN 56302.