Nordic Waste

Nordic Waste: Their Day Starts When the Runners Day Finishes!

Once the runners have made their journey down the shore, it’s time for another valuable crew to hit the course.

Assembling at the Two Harbors starting line area, a team of Nordic Waste employees begins the process of collecting the waste and recyclable materials that were utilized on race day. Volunteers at the course’s 15 aid stations gather and organize the garbage and recyclables, which are then in turn picked up by the Nordic Waste crews making their “clean sweep” of the course.

Their recycling and waste removal efforts are not limited to the 26.2 mile of racecourse, however. Blue Nordic Waste receptacles – or carts – are prevalent in a variety of locations such as the finish line, the Big Top Tent activity area and the runners’ recovery area, and are emptied and maintained by Nordic Waste staff throughout marathon weekend.

“Having Nordic Waste on our sponsorship team is a wonderful asset for Grandma’s Marathon,” said the race’s executive director Scott Keenan. “They are a great partner and they provide a critical service for our operation.”

Nordic Waste, which employees about 30 people, has been providing the Northland with residential and commercial waste and recycling services since the company was founded in 2005. Upon entering the market, the company was the first in the area to introduce single-stream recycling. Single-stream recycling is the system in which all recyclables – newspaper, cardboard, plastic and glass – are mixed together when collected as opposed to being sorted into separate commodities.

“We look at ourselves as being a Twin Ports company and Grandma’s Marathon is a staple event in our community,” said Chuck Blascoe, the company’s President/Owner. “Being involved with the marathon is a good fit for us and we’re fortunate to be able to be a part it.”

For more information about Nordic Waste and its services, call (218) 625-0909.