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The Don Fennessy Volunteer of the Year Award is given annually to an individual or group of individuals who have donated a tremendous amount of time volunteering for Grandma’s Marathon and in doing so have assisted in the smooth and successful operation of the event.


1985 - Ray Paavola, Captain of the 17-mile water station since 1977

1986 - John Leppi, Founding Father of Grandma's Marathon and Captain of the 5-mile water station

1987 - Taire Lind, Captain of the 23-mile water station since 1983

1988 - Candy Furo, Runner Registration Packets and helps out at the finish line

1989 - Eric & Amy Kaiser, finish line first aid team

1990 - Seitz Family, Co-captains of the 8-mile water station

1990 - Dr. Jerry Church, Grandma's Marathon starting line director

1991 - Ken Docteur, Captain of the 3-mile water station

1992 - Herb Dillion, Medical Team Captain

1993 - Ken and Mona Rae Cich, Water Station Captain and Race Course Services

1994 - Arrowhead Radio Amateur Club

1995 - Jan DeRoche, Hospitality Committee Member

1996 - Bruce & Colleen Hasforth, Race Course Volunteers

1997 - Don & Ella Fennessy, Board member and volunteers at all Grandma's Marathon events.

1998 - Proctor Community Band and Mr. Moody’s Marching Band

1999 - Durbin Keeney, Coordinator of the sweat-bag pick up area.

2000 - Chelly Ferguson, Chute captain and chip recovery captain.

2001 - Buck Mc Donald, Traffic control on the racecourse (6-mile mark).

2002 - David and Jill Hisdahl, Traffic control on the racecourse (19-mile mark).

2003 - Sue Bussa, Medical Team Captain

2004 - Carol Gallinger, Hospitality Committee Member

2005 - Barb and Terry Davis, Finish Line Information Tent Captains

2006 - Lyle Johnson, Traffic control on the racecourse

2007 - Steve & Joyce Lent, Finish Line

2008 -  Brock Pelzel, Water Station Volunteer Recruiter

2009 - Woodland Hills

2010 - John Herbertz, Racecourse Entertainer

2011 - Jock Glendenning, Raceourse Entertainer

2012 - College of St. Scholastica, Traffic control on the racecourse