Gearing Up for Grandma’s

Gear Up & Get Going

Looking for advice on injury prevention or optimal nutrition to fuel your body? Need some inspiration to keep you going as the mileage increases? Find all that and more at our Gearing Up for Grandma’s training seminar!

The 2017 Gearing Up for Grandma’s Training Seminar took place on Saturday, March 4 with a keynote presentation by Jeff Galloway.

The 2018 Gearing Up for Grandma’s will take place on Saturday, April 7, 2018.

If you missed the event, you can watch the live video and get all the information you need to have the best race day yet. The event is sponsored by Essentia Health.

Gearing Up Video

Gearing Up for Grandma’s Speakers

Dr. Ben Nelson, M.D. Orthopedics & Sports Medicine

Ben-NelsonDr. Ben Nelson is the Grandma’s Marathon medical director and an orthopedic and sports medicine physician at Essentia Health. He joined Essentia Health in the summer of 2008. This June’s Grandma’s Marathon will be his eighth as the race’s medical director. Dr. Nelson completed his medical school training at the University of Minnesota’s Duluth and Twin Cities campuses.  He did his family practice residency through the U of M at North Memorial Hospital, and completed his primary care sports medicine fellowship at Hennepin County Medical Center.

Dr. Ben’s Quick Tip

“Most marathon training injuries occur when increasing intensity too much, too soon, or too fast.  Many race-day injuries are the result of under-training.  Following and completing a formal marathon training program can help prevent both types of injuries.”

Stephanie Fennessey, MS, RD, LD

Stephanie Fennessey is a registered dietitian and certified diabetes educator with Essentia Health. She developed a strong interest  in nutrition and fitness while in high school, which eventually led her to the field of Dietetics and long-distance running as a hobby. She completed her bachelor’s degree in Nutrition and Dietetics  from Minnesota State University, in Mankato and her master’s degree in Nutrition and Dietetics from Northern Illinois University in De Kalb. She has enjoyed participating in the Grandma’s Garry Bjorkland half marathon nearly every year since moving to Duluth and has experienced first-hand how proper nutrition impacts training and running events. In the community, she enjoys speaking to local college and high school sports teams about the importance of nutrition for optimal performance and injury prevention.

Jeff Galloway, running coach and inventor of the Run Walk Run Method

Jeff Galloway is an American Olympian and the author of Galloway’s Book on Running. He is the inventor of the Run Walk Run training method.

A lifetime runner, Galloway was an All-American collegiate athlete and a member of the 1972 US Olympic Team in the 10,000 meters. He remains a competitive athlete, continuing through a successful masters running career. He is the Chief Executive Officer of Galloway Productions, which conducts a broad range of training programs and events yearly; he also owns two running specialty stores. He has written several books on training and writes a monthly column for Runners World magazine.

Jim & Mary Stukel, Owners of Tortise & Hare Footware

Jim-Mary-StukelJim and Mary Stukel own and operate Tortoise and Hare Footwear, located in Duluth, Minnesota. They are industry leaders in providing top of the line running and walking shoes as well as other athletic gear to individuals throughout the Northland.

Jim & Mary’s Quick Tip
“One bit of advice is shoes should be purchased based on arch type or physical needs.  Most commonly, shoe choices are based upon the advice of a friend or relative because they like a particular shoe style.  Your feet and arches need to make the decision.”