Why Race Entries Can’t Be Transferred After May 1

Why Race Entries Can’t Be Transferred After May 1

After May 1, Grandma’s Marathon staff sets their focus on a heavy load of administrative work that needs to happen in order to ensure a safe and smooth race day experience for around 18,000 runners. It includes assigning bib numbers, finisher shirts and medals along with organizing the right number of buses, volunteers and food supplies for the entire field of weekend participants. So May 1 is the latest possible accommodation for a runner to transfer an entry, and there are two big reasons why registered runners must stick to the deadline and adhere to the official transfer process. They have to do with safety and results.

SAFETY:  At the forefront of everything the Grandma’s Marathon organization does is the safety of participants. Runner safety is ensured by linking race numbers to names, medical information, and emergency contacts. A participant’s assigned bib number is for that participant only, as it is directly correlated with that participant’s personal information. If a runner is injured on the racecourse and can not respond to medical attention, we rely on the information connected to their bib to get them the help they need, and alert their emergency contact about their condition.

This is something that race organizers take very seriously, which is why every participant is required to specifically agree that they ‘will not transfer, give, sell or exchange their entry or bib to anyone without doing so through the tools provided via the online registration form and understand that violating this policy may result in a ban from all future Grandma’s Marathon-Duluth, Inc. events.’ If a runner’s negligence of this agreement were to result in harm to anyone as a result of participation under another person’s name, both parties could face legal implications as well.

RESULTS:  Another reason Grandma’s Marathon doesn’t allow running under another person’s number is because of the effect it would have on the official race results. Every bib number registers an official result for a specific runner. If a 25-year-old female illegally runs with the bib of a 55-year-old male, for example, that runner would be unfairly skewing the age and gender categories of the official results. Not only would that illegal runner negatively alter the place results for everyone else in those categories, but he or she could also steal an age category award from another deserving runner, essentially by cheating.

These are the main reasons our official transfer process is so important. Grandma’s Marathon staff, along with the timing team, monitors all official times and investigates any flagged results that give reason to believe an illegal transfer took place. Race officials monitor Craigslist, Facebook, MarathonGuide.com and other forums and take extra precautions to ensure transfer rules are being followed. In addition, there are industry experts that monitor the larger marathons all over the country to alert organizers of suspicious transfers being solicited and exchanged, or in the case of Grandma’s Marathon, transfers being made after May 1.

To be clear, Grandma’s Marathon understands that unforeseen circumstances can arise and DOES allow the opportunity to officially transfer bib numbers until May 1 each year. It’s an added service the organization is proud to offer, as most large races follow the industry standard of ‘no transfers, no refunds, no exceptions.’

The official transfer process for all Grandma’s Marathon events is as follows:

  1. Log into your Race Roster account.
  2. Select the ‘Transfer Request’ button on the dashboard screen and follow the prompts.

*This is the ONLY authorized way to transfer an entry to another person, and there is a $26.95 transaction fee to be paid by the person redeeming the transferred entry.

If you have any questions about registration for Grandma’s Marathon events, call 218-727-0947 or email grandmas@grandmasmarathon.com.


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