YAF Winter Challenge

YAF Winter Challenge

Keep kids healthy and active during January and February at home! Kids can complete the challenge card filled with easy at-home activities and be rewarded after they complete the challenge.

Activity Cards

Online Registration: If you sign up online a printable version of the Activity card will be emailed to you

Saturday Morning at the Races: Activity cards will be available for pick up at registration at Saturday Morning at the Races.

Schools: Participating school districts are handing out cards to students the first week of January.

Participating Schools: Duluth Public Schools, Superior Public Schools, Hermantown Public Schools, Proctor Public Schools

Mileage Log

Log the miles you walk, run, or hike this winter season and track how far you go along the Grandma’s Marathon Racecourse!

Everyone who completes the 26.2 miles by March 1, 2022, will be entered to win a Prize from UMD athletics, CSS athletics, or UWS athletics.

Skyline Social and Games is giving away a prize for everyone who completes the Winter Challenge!

Free 6” Pizza and $5 arcade card to Skyline- to be redeemed by April 3, 2022.

How to Redeem your Card

School: If you received your Activity Card through a participating school follow the instructions below to redeem your completed activity card

  • Duluth Public Schools: Return to your gym teacher by February 14th to receive your prize.
  • Hermantown and Proctor Public Schools: Return to the Hermantown Community Learning Center or the Proctor Area Learning Center by February 14th.
  • Superior Public Schools: Sign up online here to have your prize mailed to you.

Online: If you signed up for the winter challenge online your prize slip will be mailed to you between February 14 and February 18.

Saturday Morning at the Races: If you picked up a winter challenge card at Saturday Morning at the Races, makes sure you sign up online here so we can send out your prize slip!