The Runkeeper Go training app is provided by ASICS. Available on Apple and Android.

ASICS Runkeeper Training

Grandma’s Marathon is excited to partner with presenting sponsor, ASICS, to support your training journey as you prepare for the 2022 Grandma’s Marathon weekend.

Your registration comes with FREE access to the training app, which will give you training plans, progress insights, workout comparisons, and live tracking as you prepare for your race in June!

Tony Stensland Coaching

Tony Stensland provides personal coaching for runners in the Duluth area that can also include a training group leading up to Grandma’s Marathon weekend.

Tony is a longtime ambassador of the local running community and a member of our Young Athletes Foundation committee. He has significant experience coaching runners and groups to reach their race goals.

Lightspeed Lift

Lightspeed Lift, based in Duluth, excels in the design and manufacturing of affordable body weight support systems built to alleviate pain and stress on bones and joints. 

With devices recognized by athletic trainers and physical therapists for their ability to increase performance speed, decrease impact force, and support natural movement and balance, Lightspeed Lift has revolutionized the physical training process for runners of all skills and abilities, especially those challenged with physically debilitating conditions.

Stop in for a FREE consultation!
Lightspeed Lift Movement Center
500 E. 10th Street
Duluth, MN 55805
(218) 481-7242

Please also check out our other local running store partners for valuable training resources and expert advice.