Most popular viewing areas along the Grandma’s Marathon racecourse, listed in detail on the Spectator Information page, are wheelchair-accessible, though some will have limited parking available. If you have specific questions about accessibility along the racecourse, please contact our office at (218) 727-0947.

Though Canal Park itself is accessible to wheelchairs, the Grandma’s Marathon finish line is inaccessible to wheelchairs on the west side due to a deck with stairs alongside Little Angie’s Cantina & Grill.

Accessible viewing space is available away from the immediate finish area at any of the spectator bleachers — three require $10 tickets, one is free — or on the other side of the secure racecourse (alongside the hotels bordering Lake Superior).

To cross the secure racecourse in the finish line area, please use crosswalks near Canal Park Lodge (250 Canal Park Drive) or the wheelchair-accessible gate located immediately after the finish line structure.

NOTE: Many pedestrians will use a staired bridge across to move across the racecourse in the immediate post-finish area, but wheelchairs are encouraged to see security volunteers in that area who will move barricade to allow them across to the other side of the finish area.

All other areas of the finish line area are wheelchair accessible, though large crowds and heavy congestion may impact the ability for wheelchairs to freely move throughout the area during the day’s peak times. 


Most of the Grandma’s Marathon weekend events at the Duluth Entertainment Convention Center (DECC) are located on the main level and are easily accessible for wheelchairs.

Wheelchairs may use the DECC’s Door A to access the Essentia Health Fitness Expo and race packet pickup throughout the weekend. Those events are located on the main level inside Pioneer Hall, Paulucci Hall, and the arena. 

To access the Michelina’s All-You-Can-Eat Spaghetti Dinner, wheelchairs may enter through the DECC’s Door B and use nearby elevators to access the second floor, where the dinner is located in the Lake Superior Ballroom.

At all Grandma’s Marathon weekend events located at the DECC, large crowds and heavy congestion may impact the ability for wheelchairs to freely move throughout the area during the day’s peak times. 


Bayfront Festival Park is wheelchair accessible at either entrance, either the main entrance near the parking lot or the lakeside entrance near the Great Lakes Aquarium. 

A paved path circles the outside of Bayfront Festival Park, but the inner portion of the park is grass and has a medium to large incline into the bowl near the main stage. Wheelchairs are asked to use caution in this area, especially during times of wet weather when the ground may be softer than normal.

Portable toilets, including a limited number of ADA toilets, will be available in two locations near the paved path on race weekend.

Anyone who would like assistance navigating Bayfront Festival Park on race weekend is encouraged to call our office at (218) 727-0947 so proper arrangements can be made.


The Duluth Transit Authority (DTA) offers accessible public transportation throughout the city of Duluth and some of the surrounding communities. Those interested can use the DTA Trip Planner to help create and guide their route during race weekend.

NOTE: All participants who show their official race bib can ride the DTA for free on race day!


Any participants, volunteers, or spectators in need of a language interpreter during any portion of race weekend are encouraged to call our office at (218) 727-0947 prior to race weekend so proper arrangements can be made.