HOF & Awards

Grandma’s Marathon Hall of Fame

Class of 1996
Andy Borg
Garry Bjorklund
George Fink
John Foschi
Mickey Paulucci
Alex Ratelle, MD
Dorothy Spencer

Class of 1997
Gerald Church

Class of 1998
Dick Beardsley
Peter Graves
Barney & Janis Klecker
Wen Shi Yi

Class of 1999
David Eckstrom
Doug Kurtis
Lorraine Moller
Tami Oothoudt

Class of 2000
Joan Dahlstrom
Herb Dillon
Cindy Nelson
Mac Welles

Class of 2001
Brian Daugherty
Jan Ettle
Brian Larsen
Paul Van Winkel

Class of 2002
Rick Jackson
Joe C. Johnson
John Naslund
James Nowak

Class of 2003
Candace Cable
Ken & Mona Rae Cich
John Kulick

Class of 2004
Don Fennessy
Gino & Kathy Goebel
Michael Pinocci

Class of 2005
Candy Furo
Taire Suliin

Class of 2006
North Shore Striders
Running Club

Class of 2007
Neil Franz
Greg Haynes
Dale Kusnierek

Class of 2008
Sharon Buchanan
Jerry Frederick
Jeno Paulucci
Mary Spiering

Class of 2009
John Docter
Steve Greenfield
Kellie Luedloff
Bill Wenmark

Class of 2010
47th Medical Company
Chuck & Sally Hegg
John Leppi
Bill & Nancy Olsen
Kevin Pates

Class of 2011
Ron Francisco
Steve Harrington
Ed Hermel
GB Leighton
Chelly Townsend

Class of 2012
City of Duluth
City of Two Harbors

Class of 2013
Carol Gallinger
Mike Krois
Rudy Lundahl
Saul Mendoza

Class of 2014
Scott Keenan

Class of 2015
Tim Hollis
John Kessler

Class of 2016
Joe Hietala
Erik Nelson
Kraig Rudstrom

Class of 2017
Adele Hartwick
Amanda McGrory
Doug Nelson

Class of 2018
Jeff Frey
Lizette Mitchell
Deanna Nordeen

Class of 2019
Kevin Peterson

Marsh Nelson Media Award

This award is given annually to a media representative to recognize his or her commitment to the coverage and development of Grandma’s Marathon.

It is named in memory of former KDLH-TV sports director Marsh Nelson for his tremendous passion for covering Grandma’s Marathon and other local athletic events.

Ron Daws Ambassador Award

The Ron Daws Ambassador Award is presented to an individual who has been a leader in the development and growth of long-distance running and who has shared a commitment to be an ambassador of Grandma’s Marathon and the City of Duluth.

About Ron Daws
Ron Daws is truly an inspiration to the sport of running. The Minnesota native represented the United States in the marathon at the 1968 Olympic Games and finished in 22nd place. Through his dedicated efforts, he was extremely instrumental in the development of road racing in Minnesota and was inducted into the Road Runners Club of America Hall of Fame in 1986.

Ron is not only remembered for the success he achieved as an athlete but is also recognized nationwide as a runner who gave back to the sport. Ron was a great ambassador to Grandma’s Marathon and the City of Duluth, and his legacy has encouraged many to focus on the continued development of long distance running.

Rudy Perpich Public Service Award

This award, named after the late Minnesota governor who was a large supporter of the annual event, is given annually to up to three current or former public employees or elected officials.

In 2006, Grandma’s Marathon created the Rudy Perpich Public Service Award to recognize the many current or former public employees and elected officials who have exhibited dedication and service to the event.

For more information or to submit a nomination for the Rudy Perpich Public Service Award, please contact our Marketing & Public Relations Director Zach Schneider via email at zach@grandmasmarathon.com or call our office at (218) 727-0947.

Award of Excellence

This award is presented to an individual who has shown many years of dedication, commitment, and service to the development and growth of Grandma’s Marathon.

Don Fennessy Volunteer of the Year Award

The Don Fennessy Volunteer of the Year Award is given annually to an individual or group of individuals who have donated a tremendous amount of time volunteering for Grandma’s Marathon and in doing so have assisted in the smooth and successful operation of the event.

Scott A. Keenan Founder’s Award

The Scott A. Keenan Founder’s Award proudly honors an exemplary person who embodies the history, vision, and spirit of Grandma’s Marathon through their chosen area of contribution.

Honorees are selected for their loyalty and energy to go above and beyond to ensure the greatest possible experience for all Grandma’s Marathon participants, sponsors, volunteers, and fans.