1977 Grandma’s Marathon

It was 45 years ago, June 25, 1977, that the first Grandma’s Marathon was held. I had the honor of chatting with two of the 116 finishers of that inaugural […]


Mark Gudgel is a Nebraska native who has always had a passion for non-profits and philanthropic work. With the help of a friend, he founded The Educators’ Institute for Human […]

In It Together

Heidi and Sheila met in college in Iowa back in 1978 and would joke that they were “forced” to be friends because their parents advised them to stay on campus […]

Fit N Fun Run

Field trips are fun and so is running! Grandma’s Marathon and The Young Athletes Foundation had another successful Fit-n-Fun Run this year! The event, which is held every year and […]

Every Runner has a Story

Every runner has a story. A reason that they started running, a reason why they love to run, and a reason why they continue to put their body through the […]

Duluth- Local Must See Shops

Duluth and the North Shore has so many hidden gems to offer. We advise that in your free time to check out the local shops our community has and to […]