Great Gifts for a Runner in Your Life

Our 2022 Grambassadors are sharing their favorite running-related gifts that they have received for you to buy for yourself #treatyoself or for the runner in your life.

Gift Entry into Grandma’s Marathon
Okay, maybe we are a little biased, but we really can’t think of a better gift for the runner in your life than an entry into the 2022 Grandma’s Marathon. What other gift combines a trip to the North Shore of Lake Superior, a goal to work towards and a free banana at the end?

Grandma’s Marathon Swag
If the runner in your life is training for #GMAS22 or if they have run the race in the past, this is the perfect gift.

“I absolutely love my Yaktrax for running in the winter. Especially this past year with gyms closed and no at-home treadmill I definitely put these to use training for Grandma’s Marathon through late winter and spring! It takes a few runs to get used to them on your feet but it outweighs the risk of falling by far”- Emily Buie

Naked Running Band
“I absolutely love the Naked Running Band! It is simple, so comfortable you forget you are wearing it and can hold a ton! I can easily wear this belt to hold all I need for a long run whether it’s twenty miles on the road or several hours on the trail”.- Shannon Hogan

Goodr Sunglasses
“I have spent WAY too much money on running sunglasses over the years. It wasn’t until my mother-in-law gifted me with these running sunglasses that I had never heard of for Christmas that I found a pair that I loved. I now have four pairs of Goodr’s in my running sunglasses rotation. They don’t slip, bounce, or slide at all during any of my runs. Be like my mother-in-law, buy these for a runner in your life and they will be VERY happy!”- Rachel Barger

$79.95- $159.95
“Oh, man! My runs got so much better once I bought the headphones I kept hearing about on Instagram! The Aftershokz headphones are bone-conducting, so you can literally keep an open ear on your runs to be more aware of your surroundings. The very first time I wore these, I was blown away that I did not have to touch them once during my run! They stay in place, don’t irritate my ears, and definitely live up to the hype!”- Rachel Barger

“Do you want to gift someone socks without everyone giving you a hard time? Fitsoks are the best! I didn’t realize how important the socks you wore under your running shoes were until I found the right ones! Now I don’t even like running without wearing a pair of Fitsoks. I would be ecstatic to unwrap a pair of these socks!”- Rachel Barger

Runner’s World Magazine Subscription
$20 (+)
“It’s the gift that keeps giving! You can pay for the 6 months, 1 year, or 2 years upfront and your runner gets a new magazine every 2 months! For a little extra you can get runners world plus and have access to tons of online resources and exclusives as well. Plus every 2 months your runner with think of you when they get their new magazine in the mail”- Michelle Ziebarth

Gift Certificate to a Local Running Store
Supporting local businesses is important and we all know how much our local running stores mean to us. They are always there when we have questions, need new apparel, and to support other events in the community.

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